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Husband and wife team Meredith and David Finch have not yet taken over DC’s Wonder Woman title, but already they’ve made headlines for an awkward interview. At San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, TMS Editor-in-Chief Jill Pantozzi gave them the opportunity to elaborate on what they meant, and on what changes we can expect to see when they take over for Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chang in November.

The Mary Sue: Should we get the hard one out of the way first? Is Wonder Woman a feminist?

David Finch: Wonder Woman is a feminist icon and it’s an incredibly important aspect to her character. I absolutely regret the way that my words came out and it doesn’t reflect at all how I feel.

SDCC Exclusive Interview: New Wonder Woman Creative Team Says She’s “A Feminist Icon” | The Mary Sue (via themarysue)

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Marvel: We’re kinda sorta maybe thinking about a Black Widow movie in the future at some point maybe.

*Fanbase praise them like it’s the next coming of Christ*

DC: Here’s Wonder Woman in a badass costume. Gal Gadot has signed a 3 picture deal of Batman v Superman, Justice League, and an undisclosed third.

*Fanbase doesn’t say much or starts hating on the costume*

Tired of this blatant anti-DC bias

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We were forced to write for 70% boys and 30% girls because we found that boys will only read “boys stuff” while girls will read anything and don’t discriminate.
Marv Wolfman, SDCC’s panel on Female Characters and Clichés (via thefilmfatale)

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